Creative Hub (Art, Poetry, Music)

Digital Poetry Projects/Tools

  • mchain – A Markov chaining program written by Adam Scovel upon my request in 2006. This is what started me down the strange and twisting path of generative poetry.
  • Gnoetry 0.2 – A much more sophisticated and fun generative poetry tool, with an actual GUI / human-machine interface. I still use this. I was obsessed with it for years. You can download and install it for yourself if you are interested (instructions and files here).
  • Converging Stanzas Generator – Just a little tribute to Jackson Mac Low that I made for fun. It uses the same source file / lexicon and applies the same rules Mac Low used, as described in Thing of Beauty (pg. 236).
  • No Blame – Digital Poetry and Generative Art Project (in collaboration with Tyler Carter). I wrote all of the code for this project, which was conceived of and directed by Tyler, based on the set of original 16 poems that he had written years earlier.

Digital and Generative Art (GIMP, Photoshop, Processing, and p5.js)

  • See my Redbubble store for a sample of my old digital art made with GIMP, Photoshop, glitching, and Processing.
  • No Blame is a digital poetry and generative art project that features a system of 64 generative artworks that I created with p5.js to illustrate and complete the structure of the book. Please see my note at the No Blame site for more details.
  • The gallery below hosts additional images/videos of experiments and works in progress.

Sketch 210803

Electronic Music