Graphic / Web Design Portfolio

Graphic Design

Note: Please view PDF files in Adobe Acrobat or another desktop reader. Some of the designs in the Employee Handbook template especially may not display correctly with the browser plugin.

Web Design

  • No Blame – Digital Poetry and Generative Art Project (in collaboration with Tyler Carter)

I created a very minimalist website for the main feature, which is the javascript web app (written using p5.js) that generates a unique “amorphous” book of poetry and generative art. I coded the entire web application, including the shuffling and display functions that generate the poetry from lines written by Tyler Carter as well as the generative art code that creates unique art pieces to illustrate the book. Full code is available at my GitHub page.

I designed this author’s website for Patricia Henley using Squarespace over a decade ago. It was one of my first jobs building a website for a client. She already had the page structure and content wireframed for the most part, and that same structure remains on the current site, although I believe she has updated the theme, content, and images since I helped her to create it.

  • Far Out Further Out Out of Sight: a journal of downtown poetry (site down)

I designed a web version of George Spencer’s poetry zine (two issues) in 2010 and 2011, I believe, and served during that time as the webzine’s web editor. I created a basic HTML/CSS template for the site and made sure all of the content was presented correctly per the various authors’ intents. The website has unfortunately been down for several years now.