This site documents the work and career of Eric Goddard-Scovel. I am a digital poet, artist and musician transitioning into creative coding, new media arts and generative arts. I am also currently a limited-term lecturer (adjunct) at Purdue University teaching primarily Composition, Business Writing and Technical Writing.

Soon, this blog will replace my former blog, !poi4′:;!poe’!’;;!mbassy::!oip3′:: (poembassy bombing). This blog will feature my new work on working with text in Processing 2 to create interactive new media poetry, as well as updates on new music, artworks, publications, and other activities.

I may also begin to post about my struggle with chronic migraine and how I have managed them. Now that I have found a way to reduce my migraines back to one to zero a month, I can finally reflect clearly on their impact on my life. We’ll see how this evolves.

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